Ready for 2024!

The moment for wishing everyone a happy new year may be over, but there's still some time for all of us at Independence Blue Cross (Independence) to welcome all of our new members.

Help for congestive heart failure

Make lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are key to managing CHF. Your doctor may offer slightly different recommendations based on your individual diagnosis.

A Virtual World

Technology has changed the health care landscape in so many ways, especially in access to care and removing barriers to getting care.

Chill Out

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Fresh food is best. Right? According to registered dietitians, maybe not.

LOL! The healing benefits of laughter

Did you know Philadelphia has its own laughter yoga club? Or that laughter yoga is even a thing? Alexa Fong Drubay, certified laughter yoga master trainer, global laughter ambassador member, and director of Laughter Yoga USA.org, is here to teach us about laughter yoga and its benefits.

3 tips for caregivers

There are three important components to caregiving, known as the "I-R-S" of caregiving: information, respite, and support. Each is vital to being a good caregiver.