Houseplants 101: Going green

Potted plants are more than living knickknacks. They can help keep you healthier. A renowned British horticulturist shares tips for budding gardeners on how to get started

20 delicious ways to get more protein

Each major food group has its star qualities, but protein is a standout. It can help build strong bones, increase muscle mass, boost metabolism, reduce cravings, and repair tissue. To make sure you’re getting enough of this MVP macronutrient, read on for 20 tasty strategies

The Big Chili

Starring a healthy protein and studded with veggies, this dish transforms mere comfort food into a nutritional blockbuster

Your metabolism after 60: Stay healthy and lean

New landmark research shows that we experience our first metabolic slowdown after age 60. That shift can lead to weight gain and feeling less energetic. But some older adults maintain their calorie burn in defiance of their chronological age. What’s their secret? We sorted through the hype to find the habits that really move the metabolic needle

Diabetes 411

This condition can damage your heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. With self-care, you can help prevent diabetes and minimize its complications